Every translation is different. Documents vary as to layout, wording, style etc. and every translation is required for a special purpose (from mere informative up to certified translations). As a rule, the price is calculated on the number of norm lines (55 characters including blanks). The price of the norm line depends on the difficulty and subject of the text.

Price per line

€ 1,10 - € 1,60

Certification of a translation

€ 10,00

Copies of certifications

€ 5,00

Minimum fee

€ 45,00

VAT and possible forwarding expenses are not included.

For enquiries please send your text in one of the following formats: .doc, .xls, .ppt or .pdf to:

or call:
+49 89 78069622

Before sending any original documents by mail please contact me by phone or e-Mail.